I came across a Reddit post that had the image of a tablet with a breakable seam in the middle.

The pill here can be snapped into either a 5mg piece or 7.5 mg piece. Now I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist, but this seems like a very convenient way of controlling the dosage you need for the required situation. In addition, there are many individuals out there that have a hard time swallowing whole pills. I have Globus pharyngeus, which makes it difficult for me to swallow pills. Even the tiny 10mg can be trouble at times. In…

I have blogged about how I work primarily on Figma on a PC and that’s where the majority of my work is done on. I would like to go into detail on the specs on my PC and why I decided to go with my setup.

PC Specs

AMD Ryzen 2700X, Asus X470-F, 2x *GB GSkill 3200 Ram, Powercolor Vega 56, Corsair Platinum 750W PSU.

The reason for going into this particular setup is simple. A multipurpose PC with the capabilities to game and be my primary workstation for video editing and graphical design. I have not run into hardware…

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I was working on a recipe curating app called Tabemono. Here’s my current progress with the app. All wireframes were made in Figma.

My initial loading screen for Tabemono.

Messy Train of Thought

It’s been one hell of a long year since this pandemic started. I attended a Bootcamp for UX Design, graduated, on a job-hunting spree for the last three months, and had several mental breakdowns over the course of it all. My overall health is in disarray and my hypochondriac nature exacerbates it.

I will say doing some minor UX work over the course of this job hunt has given me some stability, but I genuinely feel like I'm going through imposter syndrome. The job hunt in general is slow and unresponsive, but as long as more…

I started my painting adventure in Warhammer last August 2019. I’ve had a blast learning how to paint small miniature figures. I have fallen into the realm of “plastic crack” and I don’t regret it one bit. During the course of this painting journey, I have run into a problem with these pot bottles.

Paint buildup on lid

Paint builds up on the inside of the lid. This presents a problem in the future shelf life of your paint. It will dry out quicker and is usually a pain in the ass clean.

GW pot design is very un-user friendly. Not only do you…

A QoL Change for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game developed by Mihoyo and released on September 28, 2020, and has since then received mixed reviews. One could debate forever on the fact it’s an open-world adventure game with gacha microtransactions, a stamina system (resin) that severely limits specific gameplay interactions for a host of players, lack of daily login rewards like other gacha games including Mihoyo’s previous titles like Honkai Impact 3, and lack of weekly or monthly events (I do not count Elemental Crucible as a weekly event).

My main attention today is the UI aspect of…

Phasmophobia is a 4 player co-op game developed by Kinect Games. It puts the player in the shoes of ghost hunters who venture into a haunted location in search of the paranormal. They document the location and upon completion of their investigation are rewarded with cash. The game has been a smash hit on Twitch beating out the viewer counts of newly released games like Genshin Impact and heavy hitters like Call of Duty: Warzone.

The atmosphere and lack of UI add to the overall immersion of scaring the living life out of its player. …

To preface this piece, my experience with remote learning was from my experience at the Flatiron Bootcamp and not at an accredited institution.

With the pandemic raging across the United States, students of all levels have been remote learning. During the third phase of the Bootcamp, students traditionally were to meet with their teams in person and sometimes their clients. This helps simulate what it would be like to be in a room full of UX designers and researchers working on a product: Whiteboard sessions, office banter, etc. …

Current Project — Tabemono


I’m back again this week to discuss a current project I’m working on. It’s called Tabemono, a search tool to find recipes across the internet and save them to your phone. Months before I was enrolled in Flatiron, I was approached by my sister to come up with some visual mockups for this project.

Needless to say, my attempts at coming up with rudimentary wireframes turned out…terribly. I did not know button size minimum requirements, color combinations, etc. But the project never really took off because of my Bootcamp. …

Current Outlooks and Projects

It’s been a month since I initiated my job search. It has been an uneventful month. Keeping track of my job tracker page, reading UX articles, and doing design challenges. My expectations of finding work that would take a greenhorn like me are pretty low. So during the month, I decided to try to improve a couple of different areas to sell myself to companies and finally be in the position land that is work.

A change in Attitude

My attitude sucks. Plain and simple. I tend to belittle myself, second guess my actions and at…

Simmon Yau

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