Still searching for my brand

So in my final month of Flatiron, our cohort had to develop a personal brand for themselves. Utilizing the personal brand developed, it was to influence how there portfolios and designs they may make in the future.

My approach to this challenge was to go for a storyboard approach. It goes like this. At home, I have this small whiteboard plastered on a white brick wall and it’s the device I used for inspiration, brainstorming, etc.

Monochromatic in nature and pretty simple. That’s what naturally appealed to me. Also, I tried to emulate some Square Space vibe into the design. This style naturally became my portfolio. I thought it was a pleasant color to look at and the design simplistic. One of the critiques I receive from a colleague was that it was too simple and boring.

A little irked by the comment, I did a bunch of DailyUI challenges and naturally gravitated to light pinks and yellows, which resulted in this:

The idea this time was to create a conspiracy-like story with some warmer colors. I could probably do away from the white brick wall background and use a font that is in line with the theme. But I like to think I was going in the right direction. This led to revamping my portfolio landing page banner:

This combines my love of Warhammer with my current fascination with UX. I took a picture of a miniature I painted, cropped out the figure itself, and placed on a stock photo of a farm with a whiteboard next to him. The final color gradient was done in Figma (could have been done in GIMP, but I was nearing my wit’s end with that program).

At this point, my branding style is nowhere near completion, but I do have an inkling of where it might go thanks to recent UI challenges and talks with designers and friends. One day I hope to nail down a logo that would encompass what I am as a person and designer. But for now, I’m iterating and brainstorming new schemes and designs that I hope will one day result in a personal brand I can be satisfied with.